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Waterproof Digital Hour Meter for TaoTao Machines

Waterproof Digital Hour Meter for TaoTao Machines

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   Works on all Gas Powered ATVs, Four wheelers, Go karts, Scooters, Mopeds, Dirt bikes, Enduro motorcycles & UTVs

Waterproof design

    The battery life of 3 years

    Built-in battery power supply, safe and reliable

    Sensor design,simply tied onto the spark plug cable can operate

    Track the servicelife of your vehicle-oil changes,valve,adjustments,spark plugs,etc.

    Easy installation-peel & stick, no wiring necessary,or attach with enclosedhardware

    Works on any gas engine.

    Records and displays to 9,999.9 hours.

    Hour glass symbol appears and flashes on / off to indicate counting time.

    Automatic rollover

    Resolution: 0.1hour


    Built-in 1 xCR2430 battery

   1.0" LCD screen display

    Waterproof material



    Dimensions: 2.13in x 1.46 in x 0.59 in (5.4cm x 3.7cm x1.5cm)


Item Includes:

1x Hour meter

    1x Cable(2750px)

     2x Screws


1. Wrap the included pick-up wire around the spark plug wire five times. Start wrapping the pick-up wire about 100px from the end of spark plug boot. Use the included ziptie to secure the pick-up wire wrapping as shown in the photo right.

2. Before continuing the installation, insert the pick-up wire Into the rear of the meter. Start the motor to make sure the meter is picking up the ignition signal. If it is,

this will activate the timer on the meter and the icon on the left of the LCD will flash.

You'll have to wait at least 6 minutes to increase the timer display(1/10th of an hour).

If it is not picking up the ignition signal, slide the pick-up wrap closer to the spark plug boot

3. if the meter is successfully picking up the spark signal, run and zip tie the pick-up along one of the throttle cables.

Make sure the pick-up wire can not make contact with the engine. Also, make sure you leave enough (about 8 cm) so removing the sparkplug wire is possible.

Keep in mind the general location of final mounting location on the frame spare.


4. Securing Method:

a. Drilling into your frame with 2.5mm socket, then secure it to the frame coming with two pick-up screws.

b. using padded double-sided tape on the back side of the meter and secured it to the frame spar with zip ties. That's all there is to the installation. Now you're set to accurately track your maintenance. Don`t forget to record the metered time when performing maintenance.

Quick Facts

Compatibility:All motorcycle models (anything with a spark plug really should work)

Hard ware Included: Meter, pick-up wire, two screws

Tools Required:2.Smm socket to remove shroud, wire cutters.

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