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High Performance Moped & Scooter Roller Weight Tuning Kit

$ 88.72

 50cc Engines & 150cc Engines
The lower the weight the faster the take off, the heavier the weight the higher the top speed.
15x12 Roller Weight Tuning Kit for 50cc & 150cc engines - Includes 2g to 12g weight options. When it comes to adjusting your variator, there is no need to have tons of roller weights on hand for tuning. This roller weight kit includes 11 sets of 3 rollers for a total of 33 roller weights to adjust and fine-tune your variator. Directions for Use: Combine 2 sets of rollers in an alternating pattern, for example: 3 x 5g & 3 x 6g rollers (alternating weights in variator) gives you a 5.5g roller set.
Please Note: You must install these weights in an alternating pattern, otherwise a severe imbalance in the variator will occur.