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DI-226A Lead-Acid Battery Tester with CCA / Work Load / Internal Resistance Test

$ 93.04

Brand: DLG


  • Available for 6V/12V 40-200Ah traction battery and 12V start-up battery CCA ranging 100-1700
  • For traction battery : 80 Amp load test, 10 seconds test period controlled by microprocessor timer
  • For start-up battery : CCA , internal resistance test , SOH test , engine start-up load test, maximum load test , charging system test
  • Available for car battery / electric vehicle battery / UPS battery / solar energy battery
  • Overload Protection, Reversed-polarity Connection Protection, Load Test Time Protection, Temperature Protection

Publisher: Diligent Instruments

Details: DI-226A is a diagnostic tool for traction battery and start-up battery, which can satisfy the loading capacity of traction battery and cranking ability test of start-up battery, also provided internal resistance parameters while testing as well. The tester is featured by excellent design, convenient operation, accurate reading and complete functions. 4-wire Kelvin test connection method is designed to complete a series of complicated data collection and calculation. In addtion, overload protection, reversed-polarity connection protection, load test time protection and temperature protection make the operation more security and convenience. Don't worry about burning and destruction, just test it !