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CNCShop Torque Converter Comet Clutch Go Kart Clutch 0.75Inch Replaces Comet TAV2 218353A Manco 10T 40 or 41 Chain Drive Belt (3/4" 10T 40/41 Chain)

$ 106.04

Brand: CNCShop


  • Aluminum back plate 10T sprocket for 41/40 chain, Drive clutch bore: 3/4"(19mm).
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  • 30 Series Asymmetrical Belt
  • A torque converter acts similar to a transmission, allows higher speeds out of your small engine, and smoother acceleration.
  • This clutch will help you get more power out of your small engine by reducing engine load.


Go Kart Clutch Torque Converter 3/4" 10T Heavy Duty Asymmetric 41/40 Chain


This 3/4" Torque Converter is a direct replacement kit for the most popular Comet TAV2 go-kart torque-converter 30 series. Go kart torque converters are CVT transmission systems for go karts, minibikes, small vehicles, jr, drafster, golf karts, odyssey, snowmobiles, ATVs, lawn equipment, industrial, winch and more. Torque converters and replacement parts are fully compatible with Come-t and TAV2 torque converters.

Technical Parameters:

Drive clutch bore: 3/4"(19mm)

Driven unit: Diameter 6" (5/8" driven pulley)

Sprocket teeth: 10 tooth #40/41chain

Engagement range: 2000±200 RPM

Recommended engine: 2HP-7HP

Belt: Asymmetrical type

Package Content:

1 x Drive belt

1 x Plastic Assy Cover

1 x 3/4" Driver pulley

1 x 5/8" bore driven pulley 6" diameter

1 x Aluminum Mounting Bracket Plate

1x 10 Tooth Sprocket for #40/41

1 x Full Mounting hardware Kit