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My TaoTao ATV has Power but my Starter doesn't crank

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Issue: Machine has Power But starter will not Turn Over

Machine has power but starter doesn't work

  1. Make sure you are getting a brake light, most machines have a safety that will not allow the starter to turn without the brake being held.
  2. If you are getting a brake light, check and make sure that when you push the start button that the light does not go off or dim. This would indicate that you have low voltage on you battery and need to charge it.
  3. Check that the button is making contact to engage the starter relay. You should hear a clicking or see your light dim slightly if the button is working.
  4. If you don’t get a click from the relay test your starter relay. This is done by simply jumping across the two leads on the starter relay (bridging the connections with something conductive to complete the circuit). If the starter spins, your issue is in the relay. 
  1. If your brake light is not lighting up when you hold either brake and you know the light is good. Replace the brake sensors and retry starting the machine.
  2. Weak voltage can be solved simply by charging the battery. If however the battery had a cracked or bad cell in it the battery would need to be replaced. Refer to the number on your battery to help identify a suitable replacement. (Most commonly used battery is 4/5Ah battery.)
  3. Replace Left multi function switch, and retry startup procedure.
  4. Replace the starter relay. Affix one wire to each side of the relay (it should be a wire from your starter to one side and a wire from you batter to the other side of the relay. Then plug it in to the harness). Repeat the starting procedure.

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