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Leaking Carburetor on TaoTao Machine? What to look for and how to fix it

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Leaking Carburetor? Here's a couple things to check for. If your machine is brand new and leaking right out of the box, there could be a couple of things happening here. Number 1, your carburetor float could be stuck up and not stopping the flow of gas once the float bowl is full of fuel. This would cause gas to be pushed out the overflow to prevent it from getting into the engine. If this seems to be your issue the simplest way to correct this is to simply turn the fuel off at the petcock, disconnect the fuel line from the petcock that goes to the carburetor. From there with a compressor or a can of compressed air if you don’t have access to a compressor, blow anywhere from 20-100 PSI through the fuel line into the carburetor. This will push the float and potentially cause it to reset. Hook everything up and turn the fuel back on and watch for leaks. 


If your carb is leaking from the drain on the bottom only. That is as simple as just making sure the drain screw is all the way tight.

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